Content Writing Job

Content Writing Job

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Content is the most crucial factor in seo. Creating unique, quality and compelling content help your website to rank high in search engines and drive quality traffic in comparison to millions of others, which have poor content as Google continues to decrease the value of such sites as per its new algorithm.

While writing a compelling content about your website, one of the very important factors is ‘Relevancy’. It means that the content of your website should be relevant to its theme so that instead of asking what search engines can do for you, tell them by making your content in accordance to search queries.

Understanding the relevancy of a keyword and at the same time, creating content around the possible key phrases of that particular keyword will help a website to rank high in competition. While writing a compelling content, it is very important to think of the keywords as per user perspective. For example, a known basket ball fan can type (nba) for searching the national basket ball association while the new user may type a basketball league to search the same.

Therefore, while writing content, a writer should take care of all these aspects, may use keyword phrases to cover all the major keywords around the content which are necessary to rank a website. These minor variations in keywords make a huge difference in the ranking of a website. One can search the keyword combinations through the Google’s keyword ranking tool known as Google ad words.

No shortcuts

SEO value depends very much on its content and there are no shortcuts for that. Google and other search engine rank your website based on quality inbound links that can be generated only by writing unique, compelling content. Copying content from other sites and pasting it on your site is of no use as it never delivers a value and increases the chances of getting punished or banned.

Content for consumers

While writing content for a website, always keep in mind that you are writing for its users. The content should be written in such a way that it is user-friendly and at the same time generates interest in the users to visit further pages. In addition, it is very important to link the content with the product or service section of the websites to give its users what they actually want. The important thing is that user doesn’t want to read the copied content which they have already seen in other websites. Therefore, it follows the simple rule of give value to get value.

Benefits of unique content

  • The articles that contain original, unique and interesting content build your credibility with the users and help in increasing your reader base.
  • Unique content helps you in getting inbound links from other quality websites, which are very helpful in ranking your website.
  • If your content is original, your site is safe for all duplicate content penalties.
  • It helps you to stand high in competition as the majority of the sites are on the same theme and uniqueness increases the chances of more faithful users to your website.
  • Unique content offers three vital online essentials – information, entertainment and exposure, which increase the chances of getting higher placements in search engines.

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