Online Writers Frequently Asked Questions

It’s sometimes difficult for somebody starting doing online writing jobs to know exactly what they should and shouldn’t be doing in each of the articles they are writing. We get lots of questions about a wide variety of things that need further clarification, here are some of these frequently asked questions and answers, to help you understand what to expect when doing an online writing job.

Is it really as simple as writing stories and getting paid?

Pretty much! We have many websites online as we speak that are in desperate need of articles being written. And as we set up many more of these websites we will require even more articles! By applying for an online writing position, all that you will need to do is wait for us to send you some article suggestions, write the articles in your own words, email them back to us in the original email that we sent to you with the request and wait for us to send you back a link with the published article online so that you can add to your invoice! Then at the end of every month you can send us your invoice with all the completed links and we will then pay you for all the work you have done! It’s that simple to make some money from these articles!

How long should my articles be?
Some articles will be short, some will be long, but we generally will want articles that don’t take up too much space on our websites as we need to place ads on our site for places like Google in order to make the money that we then are able to pay you with! You will find there will be articles we send you that will be extremely short, while others will be longer, and it is usually up to you to write the articles in the best possible way that can be short and concise and still give the best points across to our readers. It’s important too to be able to convey them in points, as that makes it easier for our readers to read.

Who actually reads these articles?
A wide variety of people from around the world will read your articles, some of whom have a very basic level of English so you should always try and write the stories and the least complicated English you possibly can, and at a level that will allow people who don’t have the strongest English to be able to read your articles. Remember that there will be many people reading your articles who won’t have the same level of English writing skills that you do, so they will need to be able to read them to the best of their abilities!

How long do I have to write these articles and get them back to you?
This will really depend on how important the article is and how quickly we need it. Generally we will mark a story as ‘urgent’ if it requires a quick turn around, although we will also send you multiple stories at a time so that you have plenty to work off over the days you dedicate to your story writing. It also does come down to how much time you are able to commit to writing the articles, so for instance if you are dedicating full time hours to the task then you will find yourself able to do some of the stories urgently and quickly rather than taking a few days. However if you are only taking part time hours to do the stories, then you will obviously find yourself with less time to get the stories back to us straight away. This will all come down to your time frame.

By looking at some of these answers we hope that you have a bit more of an understanding as to what is needed of you in the role of an online writer, and that if you do decide to come on board and do some writing for us you will be better prepared and much more capable in doing the writing.

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