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Internet Marketing Career Frequently Asked Questions

If you are preparing yourself to get involved with an internet marketing career then I’m sure you have plenty of questions. It’s always important to have anything that you may have concerns about sorted out before you start in a new career because you really don’t want to find yourself disliking the new job a few weeks into it do you? But who can you talk to about such questions? Well you could first read through a few of the personal experiences on our site from people who have done internet marketing jobs as a career and find out what it is really like. This is a great starting point for everyone as it really gives a personal insight into the industry. You can also do a bit of further research online which is always great way of finding the information out, but it really doesn’t give you much if it’s certain specifics you are after. Well we are here to help! We will now help you out by presenting to you some frequently asked questions with answers so that some of your concerns can be answered. A wide variety of topics are covered here so enjoy and we hope you find your answers!

I have done nothing in marketing or advertising in my entire life! Why would you want to hire me?
Because we love giving people a chance, no matter what their background! People have to start somewhere in a marketing career and they obviously can’t always start at the top, so we are here to provide a service to individuals in order to help them get started in the industry! And just because you don’t have advertising or marketing experience doesn’t mean you don’t have other life experience that could benefit our many websites! Just apply for our positions if you are keen and then we will sort out the rest for you!

I don’t know anything about web language or internet speak, will this effect me?
Nope, not at all. People who have the gift of ‘internet speak’ of course will do great things for our many services, but we don’t need them for everything! Over time you may find yourself picking up many words or phrases and learn some of this ‘internet speak’ but it’s all things that you will gradually develop over time. So don’t fear if you don’t know anything right at the start, we do guarantee though that after a while you will know more than you ever thought you would!

Where will I do my work from? Will I have to travel if I don’t live where you guys are?
Absolutely not, because you do all your work FROM HOME! Yes if you have ever dreamt about working from home to make a living, well now you can, as it really is as simple as turning on your computer each day and finding out what tasks we have set for you and then you can go from there! You may have the time to work for us full time, part time or even casually, it all depends on how much you feel like you can work! That’s another great thing about it and one thing that you will definitely find as a major benefit.

Is there any personal cost on my behalf to get started?
Nope, you need nothing more than a computer and internet connection in order for you to start doing jobs for us. It’s that easy. We won’t ever ask you for any money to start up or any other money to pay for ‘fees’, but in the end it will be us giving YOU money so doesn’t that sound like a perfect situation? There really are no strings attached with what we are offering so if it sounds like a perfect career and idea to you, then you should apply for the position NOW!

Hopefully these questions have answered some of your concerns and will make you better aware of some of the services we offer on this site! But who are we to speak? Read through a couple of our personal experiences from some of our many happy employees to see what it’s really like! You won’t be disappointed!

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