SEO Copywriting

Seo Copy Writing

Seo Copy Writing

SEO Copywriting  …  Remember You’re Addressing Diverse Audiences Simultaneously

Search Engine Optimizing copywriting is a targeting of a certain audience while also attracting a spectrum as broad as possible through the search engine spiders.  Intriguing, captivating content is then read by those seeking these items, information or services.

Compelling considerations

What you write must hold together in a good, sound logical structure conducive in compelling the reader towards your ‘call to action’ – a desire to willingly produce an action on their part. This deftly handled delicate work on your part will be couched in judiciously placed ‘key words’ and phrases that the reader wants to see. Placed prominently at the beginning and interspersed in your writing, these attract the search engines and should have a certain level of intelligent vocabulary that inherently pleases in a flow of natural, creative artistry.

Search Engine considerations

A major copywriting tip is to limit your pages to 200 to 300+ words in length. The search engines are  algorythm driven software and they prefer a diet of concise, relevant content with the dedicated purpose in mind.

Following your keyword research, you can structure a page based around that and affiliated phrases. The frequency of keyword use should not exceed 3-4% and you should place the most important keywords at the front or top. These primary keywords should be most prominent in headings matching Header tags ( eg. H1 tag ) and for secondary content, (eg. H2 tag). Consider accentuating them using larger font, Bold, Italics or Underline. If the web page is crucial in importance, connect it with the internal links initiated from the same site.

Call to Action

Your most challenging part of all this may be in smoothly constructing an innocuous appeal to the reader to actively produce a certain action or result. This is copywriting distilled to its core.

To download a document, complete certain forms, newsletter subscriptions, accept a trial offer or making a purchase, these are all at the heart of ones job in writing to induce the reader to readily accede to the request. One of the strongest approaches can be to find one angle, any aspect that differentiates your product or information over all the rest. When you can draw this distinction with clarity it will attract deserved attention and you can base considerable content on that depending on its merit.

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