I wanted to be a writer

I wanted to be a writer and now I am one!

By Kristen Hill

My entire life I have dreamt of becoming a writer. It didn’t bother me what sort of writer, just as long as I got to write for a living. When I was younger I would find myself writing in all sorts of books about everything, to what I was doing right then to what I wanted to do that night. I would even go and interview my parents and friends and write stories about them just for the fun of it, and I would always be reading many books and magazines as well as newspapers just so I could learn about all different styles of writing and I just loved it all. I was so passionate about it all that my parents were a little bit worried I was getting too carried away with it! But I didn’t mind, I just wanted to be a writer so bad that I would just keep writing and writing till my heart was content.

When I was older I went to University and was doing my English major. I had a part time job that really wasn’t paying as much as I wanted so I wanted to get something that could give me some extra money by doing something I loved. I then found this site and found out about the potential to do articles online and get paid for it! Well this was a dream to me! I would be getting paid to write, I mean what else could I want?! I applied, I got it and soon I was getting sent articles all the time for me to re-write and write new ones and as soon as I started I knew I just loved it so much! I was writing about so many different things and I was even learning about new things too which was really surprising! The hardest thing was knowing when to stop and then concentrate on my studies so I didn’t all behind! It made me so happy being able to write and it still brings a smile to my face knowing how I am earning money. I just hope that this is only the beginning.

This is definitely a job that can suit anyone, I really mean that. I can see anyone from an unemployed person through to an extremely well educated person doing this job, and you could even do this as a full time job if you had the ability to. I know I probably would if I wasn’t at school and wanted my first job as a writer so if that sounds like you then you should definitely do it! Even if you are like me though and at school and wanting to just earn some extra cash, then you should do that as well because really I haven’t looked back and I’m not just saying that either. It’s an amazing job, so fun and you get to write which is really what it is all about! So stop reading my bit now and go and put your details down and wait for the fist assignment because it’s something you won’t regret, trust me!

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