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As a career oriented writer I have found this AA on-line writing job to be an excellent surprise. The flexibility in hours married with salutary subject matter is a confluence almost fit for heaven.

For me it is a necessarily comparative issue: stacked up against almost all other avenues open and available, this job comes out on top due to the needed experience to be gained. It is a blessedly 'gentle', quiescent entre for a nascent career that may presage deadlines, in-situ tensions and ego's with all their politics in tow, - so for now this is a golden opportunity that I am so grateful for. Who would have thought an innocuous entity as 'on-line writer' for AA could hold such potential to accrue experience in writing about 21st century life-enriching topics? Certainly not I. Some day I may write a novel ~ but today I am delighted to simply write in a novel way.

Gene from New Zealand


I enjoy my internet job very much. Working online gives me the opportunity to work flexible hours and work whenever I have time. Sometimes I even write articles while sitting in the bus 🙂

Sarah from Brisbane


Working from home is great. I'm a full-time mum and don't want to send my children to the child care centre.

Cindy from Sydney


I write my best articles usually while traveling. This means I never waste time. I can work in every situation, such as at the airport, sitting at MC Donalds ...

Oliver from Germany

Internet Job Options

Reading through our website it is quite easy to get a little bit confused as to what you will actually be doing for us. Well the truth is you will be doing may different stories on many different subjects, all of which have their own unique place on our website. The majority of stories that you will be doing for us will have a specific focus that we will be able to tell you about when we first send you the assignment, and then we will ask for you to write in your own words about the topic we send you for publication on a variety of different websites that we have created for many different people around the world. A few examples of what we offer as well as what we have offered in the past include:

  • Pet websites for a wide variety of different animals. A large majority of our stories are written for many different pet websites, from sites about getting a new pet into the family home through to pet jobs and animal careers for you to learn about. Even if you don't have a background in pet stories or have any experience working with animals and pets, there are a wide variety of sections in which you can write about many different types of animals.
  • Travel websites for many different countries. A lot of people dream about becoming a travel writer and getting to see the world whilst writing about it. Well we do offer some great websites about many different countries that will give you experience in writing about travel and places around the world. Some previous countries in which we have had stories written about include Namibia, South Africa, Singapore and India. Even if you have never personally been to these countries, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to be able to write about them. A little bit of research can take you a long way.
  • Child safety for kids and family's. This is obviously always a very important subject for parents of kids who want to ensure they keep their children as safe as possible without bringing them any harm. We provide a wide variety of sites that give all kinds of advice for children and parents in order to keep them safe. This is great if you are a parent and know what it's like to keep your children safe, or even if you are willing to learn some new things in order to tell our readers about keeping kids safe.
  • Triplet safety and advice. For parents who find out they are having triplets, it can be a daunting experience with some very limited information available for them to access. You can write for our several different triplet websites which all provide a service in making sure that parents are given countless amounts of information in raising and having triplets. Again, you don't need personal experience in having triplets yourself, just the ability to learn and adapt your writing skills to the subject.
  • Aspergers Syndrome advice and learning. It's a condition that not a lot of people are familiar with but after writing some stories for us you will soon be familiar with it, we guarantee it! We will provide you with what stories we require and then after you do a little bit of research you can then write for us some stories about the disease and soon become better educated in the subject yourself. Even if you have never heard of the syndrome, you will still be able to write stories for us.
  • Brisbane tourist information and parks. We offer many different websites on Brisbane that will allow you to write all sorts of articles about the city. Even if you have never been to the city yourself, or have only visited it briefly, you will again be able to do a little bit of research and contribute your writing to our large number of websites that we do offer.

So if any of these subjects sound appealing to you, then you should definitely apply to be a writer for us! And even if you are sceptical about any of these subjects and think you will struggle to get the right information, why not give it a try? A large number of our contributor's all had no experience in any of these subjects before they began writing for us and now they can almost call themselves 'experts' on each of the topics due to having written so much for us! A few simple bits of research, together with making sure you know what you are writing about will certainly help you along your way for our articles and as we have mentioned you will learn a great deal along the way! So what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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