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The best part of being a travel writer is that travel articles or blogs can fetch money and recognition.

Travel Writing: A Lucrative Career that Offers Money, Entertainment, and Recognition to a Travel Writer

Although traveling is an important recreation for many, some travelers become full-time travel writers and combine entertainment with work. Let’s check out how one can successfully be a travel writer and make it one of the lucrative career options.

Travel Stories – Outline
An interesting travel story must have an angle where the writer delves on the topic or the story idea. For instance, a day-to-day observation on trip does not make a story interesting. Yet, addressing the topic accurately and with precise information makes an article or blog an eye-catching one. Travel writers also:

  • Plan the story on travel before they write.
  • Provide interesting first-hand experience of journey.
  • Illustrate the article with one-of-its-kind images or videos.
  • Informs readers where, how, and why to visit the area.

…And, they must pitch their work-of-art at the right place, attract readers who would love to read the article and perhaps, buy the same – if, it is an e-book or a travel guide.

Standing Out from the Crowd
Apart from writing informative travel blogs, many travel writers choose to decorate their piece with amazing facts, tips, and creativity. Don’t be surprised if you find scuba diver narrating a tryst with rare marine life with underwater photographs and videos or a traveler highlighting a balloon-ride at a mega festival.

Some travel writers have a penchant for water-sports while others love to mingle with the locals during festivities. They are sassy writers whose travel write ups have novelty and show their prowess in writing.

Types of Money-Churning Travel Content
It isn’t only travel magazines which hire freelancing travel writers, there are tour agencies which recruit travel writers to write an itinerary program while some invite writers to post write-ups. For every click, the writer earns some points that are accumulated and remunerated by the site. Many travel writers publish online journals which are bought and downloaded directly from the net. Some books are printed and sold while its online version also fetches lucrative money.

Socialize and Earn Independently
Today, social networking sites have given yet another platform to the travel writers to showcase their knack in writing. A unique article or blog can go viral within days. The writer would get immediate recognition in the literary world, and perhaps, some potential writing projects as well.

Travel writers associated with travel sites get revenues through affiliated programs and advertisements. Some create their own blog sites where they post their article, register to free-ad making sites, such as Google Adsense and start getting ads for their write ups. Others in the list are Associates, Adbrite, Linkshare, and World Nomads.

In Australia, there are many festivals for travel writers that enable authors to mingle, learn, and bag useful opportunities. Be sure that you are focused in your endeavor as an outstanding piece can be difficult to create. Traveling is also expensive and you may use up your funds too quickly – especially if you are a freelance blogger.

All in all, travel journalists have a lot of potential to earn and enjoy if they plan their itinerary, manage their finance, and market their work of art efficiently.

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