Earning some extra money by writing stories

Writing Stories

Earning some extra money by writing stories
By John Finch
I have been working in my current job as an office manager for many years and while I enjoy it, it has to be said that the money involved isn't great. And the worst part about this is that there is very limited opportunity for me to then expand my horizons in my industry unless I want to travel and go somewhere else. Given I have a large family with many different things tying us down here, that really isn't much of an option. I soon though was told by somebody about the idea of working from home and working on the internet.

Well I was very sceptical about this as I heard most of these online jobs are scams. I soon found out about this writing one, where I would write stories for websites and then get paid for it. There was no need for me to give any form of personal details to this company and it was basically up to me how much I earn. Well I thought I had nothing to lose so I gave it a shot and applied. I didn't want to give up my own job though so I would only do stories at night and on weekend if I was successful, and well before long I got an email back and was told I was successful so I was pretty happy about that and soon got started.
The first few days I was sent a few different articles to write and I found it a little bit difficult to keep up as I really didn't have any experience doing much writing. After getting in the groove after a few days I found myself adapting pretty well. I would set myself a goal to do a certain amount each night, and make sure that my word limit met a certain amount so that I knew I would earn a certain amount of money each time. And I actually managed to do this each night so I was very proud of myself for doing this.

I would soon find myself asking for extra stories so that I could always keep up with my word count and my money and I found myself getting a great amount of articles in and a great amount of extra articles being sent to me as well. And you know what? I actually found myself enjoying it which actually really surprised me. I honestly never believed that I would get any form of enjoyment from writing stories, particularly about things that I really have no interest in like pets and animals. I've never been an animal person and I was a little bit sceptical about some of the things I was being asked to write about, but I soon got used to it and ignored the fact that it was about subjects I didn't like and I found myself having a great time! And the extra money I was getting was amazing, as it was a great relief as our family was going through a bit of a tough time and was a welcome addition to the family budget.
I would easily recommend this then to anybody reading this as anything you want it to be. I only treat it as a bit of an extra job at night and on the weekends to earn a bit of cash here and there, but I'm sure that you could do this as something full time in order to really make a living off if you really wanted to. If you had the patience and the ability to do this all day then it's something that I would think you could and should do, and you can find yourself making a few pretty pennies for your trouble as well. And for somebody like me who doesn't have the most advanced writing skills it is great, so use that as your inspiration when it comes to deciding to do this job and earn yourself some money.

I would recommend you fill out the application now and get started as soon as you can, because the sooner you get started then the sooner you can start earning yourself some money which is a great thing if you think about it! Writing stories, it's that easy!

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