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By Ben Waterworth
So far in reading through our website, we're sure you have been intrigued as too many different things about all our articles. We have explained to you what you will be writing about as well as some basic information about what you will be doing. We have even provided to you some stories from a few of our contributors about their experiences working for us and writing stories for us. Well you are probably wondering who actually reads the articles you will be writing for us and what the articles are actually for. Well you would be correct in assuming that there are wide variety of different people in which you will be writing for and a wide variety of people who will eventually read your articles. We have a large number of different services available to people who can access our articles right across the globe, so the potential for your stories to be seen internationally is quite high. It's a great opportunity to expand your horizons and allow people from other countries witness what your writing skills are really like. So who are these people and why do they want to read your stories? Read on to find out:

  • International Travellers: As you will be given the chance to write about different countries through some of our travel websites, you will have your stories read by people preparing to travel overseas and visit the countries you are writing about. People from right across the globe who decide to visit these countries can search online for articles relating to the country and they can stumble across the words you have written in order to give them all sorts of information. No matter what country you have been given the task to write about, the chances of people from other countries reading it is very high, so keep that in mind when it comes to writing your stories.
  • International Students: Given that some of the articles written will be about programs and courses available in Australia, this creates the opportunity for you to have your articles read by students preparing to come to Australia. These people can be from all different countries and backgrounds who are readying to come to Australia and this then means that your writing could potentially be their first point of call when it comes to getting details about Australia. This is another thing to think about when you write your stories for our websites.
  • Pet Owners: A large section of the stories written for our websites are based on pets and animals, so if you have a love for animals and want to help out other owners then you should definitely consider writing for us. You will find all types of animal owners, from the basic dog and cat owner's right through to some of the more exotic animal owners coming to our sites, so if you know a fair bit about animals then you could definitely lead some positive information to our readers. Even if you don't know much about animals then you can still help contribute, and our readers will be able to get the same detailed information no matter what!
  • Pet Sitters/Job Seekers: We have a great selection of sites available for people looking for work in the pet/animal industry so you will be able to provide these people with a great deal of information as they seek out a new career. You can almost think of it as a helping job as well as a writing job, and there aren't many places that give you the opportunity to do that are there? Not only will you be writing great stories for us but you will also be helping out others as they seek to get information, so it really can turn out to be a win win situation for everyone!
  • Parents of children: Another section you have been informed about that you will be writing about is that of childhood safety, so if you are a parent and know how hard it is to get some detailed and decent information about childhood safety, then you will definitely feel the need to write for us as your articles will be read by people just like you seeking out information. You may have some very different experiences that you wish to share with other parents so this will give you the perfect platform in which to do this, and help out other parents in need as best as you can. You can also find parents from all around the world trying to find information out, and it will bring you a very warm and gentle feeling knowing that parents from right around the world are applying the safety advice you have provided for them.
  • Expectant parents of triplets: Another thing you would've learnt on this site so far is that finding articles on triplets can be a bit of a task, so giving yourself the opportunity to write about triplets would definitely ensure that you will have a select audience for your stories! As we keep mentioning on this site, even if you have no experience whatsoever when it comes to triplet raising or information you can still help contribute and know that there will be an exclusive audience when it comes to your articles. There aren't a lot of writing jobs that can guarantee you that now are there?

No matter whom it is who reads your articles and no matter where they come from in the world, the potential for International exposure to your stories is huge. Each of the subjects you will be writing about has their own exclusive audience so you will always find people needing information about the things you write about. So if you are having any doubts when it comes to your articles or having troubles finding an audience for the articles you write now, you should definitely consider applying for our internet jobs. We offer so much and give you the chance to be read my millions!

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