My Experience as an Online Writer

Online Writer

My Experience as an Online Writer
By Ben Waterworth
I had just finished University doing a Journalism degree and was eager to start my career in the industry. It was difficult though finding a job where I lived and I wasn't quite ready to move away for work just yet. I have been engaged only for a short amount of time and was preparing to move out, so it just didn't work that way and I couldn't leave just yet. So I had to find something otherwise I would've felt as though my degree was going to waste. After searching online for a bit to see what was around, I stumbled across a job ad that offered me the chance to work from home and make money from simply doing some copywriting jobs and writing some articles. I enquired a little further about this to see what it was all about, and after putting in my application and finding out I had been successful I began writing my stories and haven't looked back since!
The first few stories that I was sent for me to rewrite were articles on pets and I found this to be quite fun as I have a bit of a soft spot for animals so it was fairly easy. I would get sent a link to which I would simply have to rewrite in my own words, and once I had done that it was a simple case of sending it off and waiting for a reply. At the start it took me a little bit of getting used to the fact that I had to write things in my own words and couldn't simply use large portions of the original article for my piece, so by using some simple online copywriting tools I could soon avoid having to constantly go over word for word what I had an issue with and make sure that the articles were correct. Then after knowing that my articles were correct, I would then get sent a link with my article published online for me to include on an invoice which would be sent off every month for payment. It was that simple. After a few articles I soon would be sent even more for me to do, and after a while I found myself doing countless articles a day which I could then see how much each article was earning me. And I was getting better and better at it each time as well which definitely began putting a big smile on my face! It was great to see my writing online too and knowing that other people can potentially read it from all around the world; it's definitely a special feeling!
After the pet stories I soon found myself getting some articles on a wide variety of subjects. I found myself having to write about child safety, and then about travelling to different countries such as South Africa, Namibia and India and then I even found myself writing about Aspergers Syndrome, a condition that I had actually never heard of until I began doing this job. And in writing these stories I have been learning a great deal about a wide variety of topics that I probably thought I would have no interest in. It has been a great chance to expand my horizons like never before! Another great thing too is the amount of time that I work. When I first started I had another job so I could only do very limited amounts of stories at certain times. I have since left that job to concentrate purely on doing the online stories and find myself making minimum amounts a day which then add up for a total amount during the week! And I can work whatever hours I want. If I get up early enough I can be finished my work by lunchtime. Or if I have other things on during the day, I can then split up the times that I do my stories and then find myself coming home and doing more at night. It's all up to me! And by being at home all the time, the amount of money I'm saving on petrol is amazing, as is other things such as the running cost of my car and not having to pay expensive fees for parking in the city. So in a sense, having an internet job is saving me money as well as making money. It's pretty great!
So would I recommend this job? In a heartbeat. It is a great chance for you to be able to work from home and save yourself some money, as well as earn yourself some extra income or a great first income if this is how you choose to do your career. As long as you remain committed to the job and keep up with your stories, you will be learning a great deal and finding yourself enjoying every little aspect of working from home that you can possibly imagine!

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