ABN Registration

ABN Registration

ABN registration ( Australian Business number ) is an advantage to any on-line job producing an income.

  1. Without an ABN registration number an amount equal to 46.5% can be withheld from an amount otherwise paid to you.
  2. Having an ABN number substantially reduces errors when you are dealing with the tax office.
  3. Regardless of how many commercial enterprises you are involved in, you will have one convenient ABN registration number.
  4. Highly advised for any on-line self employed person whom must manage finances and where modest income may dictate every dollar counts.
  5. Various on-line jobs simultaneously can be included under the one ABN number.
  6. The flexibility of on-line work and simply quoting the ABN in invoices is extremely easy and to facilitate that one can register for the ABN number on-line, but also via paper transaction or through a tax agent.

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