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Internet Job from Home

Internet Job from Home Internet Job from Home Why you should consider doing an Internet Job You are no doubt used to every day getting out of bed, doing the familiar morning routine before getting into your car and fighting your way to your...

Internet Job

Internet Job Find internet jobs and start working from home. Read about the benefits of internet jobs. Our job councillors help you to: apply for online jobs get in contact with employers understand your duties prepare your CV and reference letter...

Freelance Jobs

Freelance Jobs for Students and Travelers Checking... Ouch! There was a server error.Retry » Sending message... Enquiry Form Fill in the form below and we will be in touch soon ajaxurl = '';...

Internet Jobs

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Internet Jobs Who can apply for internet jobs with us? If you have come to this website then you have no doubt been looking for some extra work that can bring you a little...

Travel Writer

The best part of being a travel writer is that travel articles or blogs can fetch money and recognition. Travel Writing: A Lucrative Career that Offers Money, Entertainment, and Recognition to a Travel Writer Although traveling is an important recreation...

Internet Marketing Job

What is an Internet Marketing Job? In this modern day and age, it is safe to assume that pretty much everyone will have something to do with the internet on a daily basis. Whether this is to do with your work or your personal life, it is generally...


Internet Job Application Dear internet job applicants! Want to work online and enjoy working from home or while traveling all year round? Please check our disclaimer and services to be prepared for your internet job application! Click below to complete...


Internet Job Writer As a career oriented writer I have found this AA on-line writing job to be an excellent surprise. The flexibility in hours married with salutary subject matter is a confluence almost fit for heaven.For me it is a necessarily comparative...


Terms of use & Privacy Policy - a free portal on information and net-based job leads invites job seekers who can work online for a suitable net-based job. Our job counsellors offer free tips and advice keeping...

Submission Guidelines

Please save the following guide for your reference.

  1. Email us if you are ready to write and we will send you some topics and links.
  2. Read about how to earn money writing articles.
  3. Please check on the homepage in which style the existing content was written. Your writing style should be similar.
  4. Read our information about SEO Copywriting.
  5. Rewrite the content.
  6. Limit your article to 200 to 300+ words.
  7. Use own words except keywords and names.
  8. No publishing of names of institutes/people except authorised by us to do so.

Use Your Copy Check Tool

  • Content needs to be thoroughly rewritten with your own words.
  • Check the article with your preferred copy check tool.

Spelling and Grammar

Please check twice for spelling and grammar as we don't pay for content with errors.


No links to other websites except to AA Education Network domains.


Please confirm with us if you want to shoot panorama images. Though you are usually not required to send images, we will pay for them if they meet our requirements and will be published.

How to send us your articles

  1. Only send us unformatted text in .txt or .doc as we will format the text later.
  2. When you get a task via email from us, please reply to this email and do not change the "email subject title". Keeping the email subject will make it easier for us to identify what your text is about and where the information needs to go on our web page. Please attach the related documents (.doc or .txt) or images to this email.
  3. If you do not get a special task from us, please write in the subject line of your email the link of the domain where the text would be uploaded or (if you do not have the domain name) a suitable short 'headline' which describes your text in a short but sufficient way.
  4. Please send multiple texts that belong to one domain together in one email.

Check your articles on our website

We will send you a link soon after we published the content. Please check the article and recount the words for your tax invoice. The link should be referenced in the second column of the tax invoice template. Please request a tax invoice template from us. The tax invoice should be submitted monthly on the last day of each month once a minimum amount of AU$ 50 has been reached.

Our Feedback

If we don't provide immediate feedback, please continue working and submit your articles.

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